Getting Gas in Brambleton, Virginia?

Forget about it.  You have to drive closer to the Dulles Greenway or into Aldie/South Riding.  This makes getting gas turn into a chore instead of a stop.  I have talked with various Brambleton, Virginia home owners over the years and they all seem to wonder why they must commute to purchase such a vital necessity.  

Actual Details Are Here

Since I am borderline obsessed with the local Ashburn, Virginia housing market and the area in general I am constantly scouring the Interwebs for local news stories.  Enter an awesome new site dedicated to hyper-local news about Ashburn and the surrounding areas.  

Check out their extremely detailed article about there issue here.  From the article:

"Because a few major roads still haven’t been constructed or widened, Brambleton is figuratively not “fully connected,” it’s the “end of the line” — without a lot of major thru-traffic. Most retailers — including fast-food restaurants and yes, gas stations — make decisions on where to locate based on a) population in the area and b) traffic counts — the number of cars passing by each day. Brambleton may have the population, but it doesn’t have the traffic counts — yet."

Keep the Faith

One day the necessary roads and infrastructure will be in place and this post will be a moot point.  Until that time Brambleton, Virginia residents will keep on keeping on.