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July 7, 2018

Mooreview Parkway Now Open

After a long period of construction you can now drive from Loudoun County Parkway all of the way through to Route 7 on Mooreview Parkway and Ashburn Village Boulevard.  For those of you not in the know currently Mooreview Parkway changes into Ashburn Village Boulevard as the road crosses over the Dulles Greeway (Route 267).  

Search All Ashburn, Virginia Homes for Sale presented by Local Expert Real Estate Agent Jeddie Busch

It will take drivers about a month to realize the road extension is finally open after a lengthy construction.  This allows much easier access to Moorefield Station Elementary School.  It will be saving drivers considerable time shortly.  

Who is directly impacted?

Those who are certain to feel the effects are residents in the surrounding neighborhoods such as Lakes at Belle Terra, Quail Pond Estates, Vantage Pointe, Station View, WestmooreMoorefield Green and Park at Belle Terra.  

This change will not be as impactful as the opening of Gloucester Parkway all the way through to Route 28 but I feel it will be in full use much sooner than everyone thinks.  

Jan. 16, 2018

Search Leesburg Virginia Homes on Acreage

Search All Leesburg Virginia Homes for Sale on Acreage

In order to simply your home search in Leesburg, Virginia the web team has created three distinct web pages covering homes on various acreage.  The pages cover three different lot size ranges in acres.  If you are still having issues finding the "right" homes for sale in Leesburg, Virginia please contact me so we can get started creating a customized plan for your real estate success!

Planning for 2018 Spring Market Starts Now


Dec. 26, 2017

Westmoore Video Tour

New Westmoore Homes for Sale - Video Tour

Everyone is excited about the Westmoore community located steps from the new Ashburn Station on Metro's Silver Line.  Demand is high and these homes are selling quickly.  I have worked with both NV Homes and Ryan homes and very much look forward to working with you.  

Van Dorn Model - Video Tour


Aug. 18, 2017

Jeddie Busch Nationally Ranked Real Estate Agent

Jeddie Busch Nationally Ranked Real Estate Agent

2017 has been a great year so far.  I was informed the other day that I currently rank 61st nationally for all Century 21 Agents.  What an honor.  Combining my passion for real estate and helping people for a career is awesome.  Anything is possible.  I am truly blessed.  Who you work with and who you work for really matters.  Are you treated as a person instead of a transaction?  I'd love to meet more people.  Don't wait contact me today so we can develop a customized plan for your real estate success.  

 Ashburn's Local Expert Realtor® Jeddie Busch Ranked Nationally by Century 21

Feb. 15, 2017

New Miller and Smith Homes One Loudoun Upper West

Luxurious New Construction at One Loudoun

Coming soon to the One Loudoun development at the intersection of Route 7 and Loudoun County Parkway Miller and Smith Homes proudly presents their next level series of super luxury town homes for sale.  They collection is called upper West and trust me it is simply dynamite.  Offering upwards of 4300 square feet of living space and high end furnishings these homes are truly a unique offering.

Upper West by Miller and Smith Homes

These homes are designed from the views in and the amazing rooftop deck down.  These homes offer great views of One Loudoun's Central Park and all of the convenience the location of One Loudoun has to offer.  Steps from both dining and entertainment the location is amazing.

These ultra luxury properties are certain to sell fast.  Make sure to contact me soon so we can mek sure you can reserve one of these units. 

Jan. 7, 2017

Brambleton Gas Station Details

Getting Gas in Brambleton, Virginia?

Forget about it.  You have to drive closer to the Dulles Greenway or into Aldie/South Riding.  This makes getting gas turn into a chore instead of a stop.  I have talked with various Brambleton, Virginia home owners over the years and they all seem to wonder why they must commute to purchase such a vital necessity.  

Actual Details Are Here

Since I am borderline obsessed with the local Ashburn, Virginia housing market and the area in general I am constantly scouring the Interwebs for local news stories.  Enter TheBurn.com an awesome new site dedicated to hyper-local news about Ashburn and the surrounding areas.  

Check out their extremely detailed article about there issue here.  From the article:

"Because a few major roads still haven’t been constructed or widened, Brambleton is figuratively not “fully connected,” it’s the “end of the line” — without a lot of major thru-traffic. Most retailers — including fast-food restaurants and yes, gas stations — make decisions on where to locate based on a) population in the area and b) traffic counts — the number of cars passing by each day. Brambleton may have the population, but it doesn’t have the traffic counts — yet."

Keep the Faith

One day the necessary roads and infrastructure will be in place and this post will be a moot point.  Until that time Brambleton, Virginia residents will keep on keeping on.  

Dec. 31, 2016

Thank You

Thank You Ashburn!

I am humbled and truly grateful for all the support the local community has given me over the past year. 2016 has been my best year ever and I have surpassed all all of my goals.   I started in real estate back in 2011 and never would have imagined achieving growing the business to this level.  I could not have done this without the support of the entire community.  

Gratitude Is An Action Word

I believe that in order to show my appreciation to the community I must give back.  This year I have continued my sponsorship in the Ashburn Youth Football League (AYFL).   Children are very important to me and making sure they have positive opportunities available in the community is something I strongly believe in.  

Military Appreciation

I have also started a program with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and now make a donation every time I close a transaction with a veteran or active duty military.  I am from a second generation military family and I know how important it is to appreciate, respect and honor those who selflessly serve our country.   The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is awesome because it provides college scholarships for the surviving children of those Special Operations personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice.  They are also rated four stars by Charity Navigator.  

Thanks again for an excellent 2016.  I look forward to more blessings in 2017.  May God continue to bless you and your families in 2017 and beyond.  Happy New Year!

Dec. 23, 2016

Mortgage Rates Rising

Search All Ashburn Virginia VA Homes for SaleMortgage Rates are Rising

What does this mean for you as home buyers or home sellers?  Lets focus on that today. Freddie Mac released their latest data on the average interest rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage.  It is now at 4.3% versus 3.96% a year ago.  I foudn the following example from this article  to more clearly illustrate.

If you did not buy a $500,000 home back in July when interest rates were at 3.41% you would now be paying $255 more per month for the exact same house.  The cost of money has risen and it will affect the real estate market significantly unless you are paying cash.

What Is Your Real Estate Goal for 2017?

What are you trying to accomplish?  If you are looking to buy a new home in the near future realize that your buying power is diminishing as interest rates rise.  If you want to sell than you must understand there will be less buyers available since the cost of lending has increased.  If you need some help building a personalized plan of action do not hesitate to contact me.


Dec. 21, 2016

New NV Homes in Willowsford Virginia

New NV Homes for Sale in Willowsford, Virginia

Exciting new for new home buyers in Willowsford, Virginia.  NV Homes is now offering new homes in The Grant, The Grange and The Grove sections of Willowsford.  They are bringing their excellent reputation for quality and luxury to Ashburn's premier farm community.  Luxurious single family homes start in the low 700s.

Check out the kitchen pic below.  It is amazing.  I really love new kitchens and think the overwhelming majority f new home buyers so too.  Why can't you have your cake and eat it too?  You can have everything you want including farm fresh food when you look at luxurious new single family homes in Willowsford, Virginia.  

If you are interested in looking into new NV Homes in Willowsord, Virginia then please contact me to discuss things further.  I welcome the opportunity to develop a customized plan of action that gets you moving into your new home.  

Dec. 10, 2016

New Ashburn Traffic Lights

New Traffic Lights Coming to Ashburn Virginia

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The new stop light at Truro Parish and Belmont Ridge Road is now operational and providing much needed relief to those seeking to make a left turn from Truro Parish on to Belmont Ridge.  There is no more impossible left turn taking place at this intersection.  Hooray!

The time line for the new stop light to become operational at the intersection of Croson Lane and Belmont Ridge Road is set for December fifteenth - a mere five days from today!  W00t. Another impossible left turn down.

I am grateful these projects are coming to completion but also wondering why they took so long especially with the amount of unnecessary car accidents at both of the intersections.  

The new stop lights will significantly decrease the cut through traffic from Croson Lane through both the Lakes at Belle Terra and Oark at Belle Terra out to Ryan Road.  Now cars can simply go and make a left on to Belmont Ridge from Croson at the light.  This is a great day for Ashburn!

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