Ashburn's Local Expert Jeddie Busch Announces Youth Football Sponsorship

I want everyone to know how very grateful I am for the continued support and well wishes for my business. Things continue to stay busy and I wanted to make sure I could give back to the community that has graciously given me so very much. I decided to sponsor a team in the Ashburn Youth Football League (AYFL). My oldest son has had great experiences playing the past two years and I believe that the game is teaching these boys a great deal more about life off the field than what happens between the hash-marks. A close friend shared this article with me just before practice started in August. It is a must read and I highly encourage you to read it. The article is a letter to football moms everywhere written by the head football coach for Eastern Michigan University and it pretty much sums up all of my sentiments. You can find the article here. I could not have said it any better Proudly Sponsors the Junior Dolphins

I was lucky enough to sponsor an excellent group of young men in the third and fourth grades. They are really great kids and have been working very hard with their coaches to get ready for this season. Every game might not end with a tally in the win column but can be measured by getting better each and every week. There is no substitute for hard work and practice. I am so excited to be part of such a great organization. Let's Go Junior Dolphins! Presents the 2015 AYFL Junior DolphinsHard Work Pays Off

Some people ask me how I have been able to become a top producing Realtor® in the five years I have been selling real estate. The answer is hard work. If it was easy everyone would do it. This is one of the lessons the young men will learn playing football. I hope this is simply the beginning of a long relationship with AYFL. I am really looking forward to further community involvement in the coming years. Is anyone interested in helping to establish a scholarship fund for those that might be struggling to afford the fees? Let me know and we can get started putting one together in time for the upcoming season.