Today I will compare and contrast both Ashburn, Virginia zip codes and their corresponding real estate markets to make sure new home buyers are fully educated while searching for their Ashburn, Virginia dream home. For those who forgot the 20147 area of Ashburn is older and  “more established” than 20148. This post gives an overview of 20148 or 20147 Ashburn Virginia Real Estate. If you are looking for mature landscape and tall trees you might find more housing options in the 20147 end of town. There are a few neighborhoods in the 20148 that actually have mature trees. Vantage Pointe, Estates of Forest Ridge and a small portion of Village of Waxpool have areas with mature trees. The majority of 20148 does not provide mature landscapes like those found in Ashburn Village, Broadlands and The Regency.

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The 20147 also provides older schools that are more established. Broad Run High School predates the majority of Ashburn and Stone Bridge High School was built in 2000. The majority of the feeder schools are of the same vintage. In 20148 schools have been open less than ten years with some still being constructed. 

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20148 is home to Briar Woods High School (built in 2005) and the newly constructed Rock Ridge High School. Currently Briar Woods is quite popular and everything is relatively unknown about the new school. The majority of the feeder schools in 20148 are new as well. Newer schools have new staff and new principles and I think other parents will agree that it takes a few years to get everything straightened out. I hope everyone understands that I am in no way bashing new schools just stating they are indeed new. Make sure to investigate your school boundary attendance zones while you are searching for new homes in 20148 or 20147 Ashburn Virginia Real Estate. The attendance zoning is still subject to change and be changed again and again based on historical trends.  Ask your friends -- it is borderline ridiculous.  

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Ashburn Virginia 20147 - More Details

20147 communities have wonderful pools and parks. Ashburn Village has a top notch community gym available for all residents. Broadlands and Ashburn Farm offer some of the best pools in Ashburn. Brambleton pools are currently completely overcrowded although they have plans to build a few more in the coming years. Some Ashburn residents purchase summer memberships at Lifetime Fitness or Sport and Health to provide access to a pool during the summer season. The new pools at Willowsford (pictured below) do look amazing. Has anyone been in the pool at Willowsford? Let me know in the comments below. If you can get me in, even better. I absolutely love pools. 

Willowsford Pools

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Those in 20148 might know of specific intersections that really need a stop light. All I can say from my experience is that they will come with time. And more time. And even more. I am so thankful the majority of busy Ashburn intersections now have stop lights. I know this is not true of all intersections that might need one but it is significantly better than it was in 2000. It took VDOT fourteen years to install a stop light at the dreaded four way stop on Ashburn Village Boulevard and Waxpool right by the Gold’s Gym. Things take time and if VDOT was involved they will often taken even more time.

And finally....

Ashburn is a great place. It is where I have lived for the past 17 years. I love it and I want to be able to see it grow even further as time goes by. There are excellent homes available in both 20148 or 20147 Ashburn Virginia Real Estate. If you are confused or have further questions about the local real estate market please do not wait and contact me to get started putting together your customized plan for real estate success.. I love meeting new people and helping them to find their new Ashburn, Virginia home - it really does not matter if it is in 20148 or 20147 Ashburn Virginia Real Estate.