What makes Ashburn, VA so great for families? I think it is great for families because there are so many other families around. There are plenty of families with children around and this will ensure that your children will have friends to play with while they are growing up. There are plenty of family friendly restaurants that offer a reasonably peaceful dining experience. DISCLAIMER -- if multiple children are involved peace and quiet is not guaranteed. However if you end up moving your family to Ashburn you will be guaranteed great family life in Ashburn Virginia.

Wonderful Ashburn Virginia Schools

Loudoun County Public Schools are busy building more schools to accommodate all of the children. Recently LCPS has started to build schools with a second story. I am left to wonder why they did not think of this sooner? Were growth projections significantly flawed? The general public will never know. Common sense tells us that the cost for a second story is significantly less than building the first story. I digress. Recently Willowsford has decided they do not want schools in their community. This strikes me as odd for two reasons. First as a mother I would prefer my children to go to school close to home. Second as a realtor proximity to schools is often a strong selling point. I understand it is not for everyone but the general feeling at least from the clients I have worked with over the years is that it is indeed a desirable feature. To summarize LCPS is a top rated school system and provides our children a quality education.

Excellent Youth Sports in Ashburn

Ashburn offers plenty of activities for children to include parks and sports. Loudoun Soccer is a top notch organization that my children have participated in the past and I am a big proponent of the Ashburn Youth Football League (AYFL). There are outdoor playgrounds at elementary schools. You might find m there on the weekends with my boys if I am not out helping clients look for a new home. There are also parks outside to include my personal favorite the Dinosaur Park on Partlow Road in Ashburn.

Top Notch Amenities

Most of the larger Ashburn communities such as Brambleton, Broadlands, Ashburn Village, Ashburn Farm, One Loudoun, Farmwell Hunt and Loudoun Valley offer swimming pools as an amenity. Other neighborhoods are not so lucky. A few neighborhoods are built on large lot sizes that can easily accommodate a swimming pools including Quail Pond Estates, Vantage Pointe, Cameron Chase, Forest View, Forest Manor, Villages of Waxpool, The Regency and Belle Terra. If you drive through these neighborhoods in the late spring or early summer than you will definitely see people enjoying their pools.

Live The Great Family Life in Ashburn Virginia

The number one thing that Ashburn Virginia can offer is that it is full of people just like you and families just like yours. Contact me today to get started on finding your next home in Ashburn today.