How Not to Sell Homes

Why is my home not Selling? This is a popular question of some home sellers out there. I totally understand why. A home is usually the largest single expense in your lifetime and people start to get anxious when there is little to no interest in their property. I always try and follow up with some questions of my own. Did you follow the pricing suggestions provided by your Realtor? Are you priced in line with other properties in your immediate area? Does your home show well? Have you done upgrades to your home? Is there any deferred maintenance? The answers to those questions often reveal why the home is not getting any interest. However the single most important issue for most buyers is indeed price. Realtor's can market an overpriced property but seriously -- How many people are interested in buying a gallon of milk for ten dollars? Everyone knows the answer. It is none. A sensational on-line and print marketing campaign cannot overcome poor pricing. There is no way around it. This is seriously how not to sell homes.

All Buyers Want A Deal

All buyers want to get the best home for the best price. This is why there is such interest in foreclosures and short sale programs. Did you want to pay more for the home when you bought it? Lets be completely honest. No one does. In order to get a deal done there needs to be a fair value that all parties agree on and the bank can provide a corresponding appraisal. The market truly drives the price. Buyers will want your updated kitchen but they will not provide you with dollar for dollar reimbursement for your renovation.

How Can I Help You?

I love to help people and their families find their next homes. It is actually one of my passions. Check out some of my stellar reviews on Zillow. They all show that I work very hard for all of my clients no matter what. What can I do to help you? Do you have any questions about the current real estate market in your area? Contact me. I promise I do not bite.  I know how to sell homes quickly and effectively.