Loudoun County Makes Top 10 List Again

It is always good to see Loudoun County getting the national publicity it deserves. Loudoun County in top ten. Who would've thunk it? I freely admit a strong bias. I have lived in Ashburn for the past 17 years and watched Ashburn grow up around me and my family. It is where we have chosen to raise our family and the areas continued success means a lot to me.

There will always be a number of contrarians that do not agree with me and my opinions of Loudoun County. It is safe to say Loudoun will continue to have strong employment numbers due to its proximity to the federal government. The one thing all contrarians seem to have in common is a lack of actual time spent inside of Loudoun County. If you have not been here for an extended period of time then you have not experienced everything has to offer.

I really enjoy Loudoun. It truly offers a bit of everything. From smaller more dense communities in the eastern portion all the way to the flowing pastures to the west there is really something for everyone. People that get active in the community will find greater enjoyment than those that do not. There are plenty of activities for children and families. Become a part of something and meet new people. If you need help getting involved let me know. All of that being said if you are looking for a new property in Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria give me a call. I was born in the area and know it like the back of my hand. I really enjoy helping people find their next home.