New Traffic Lights Coming to Ashburn Virginia

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The new stop light at Truro Parish and Belmont Ridge Road is now operational and providing much needed relief to those seeking to make a left turn from Truro Parish on to Belmont Ridge.  There is no more impossible left turn taking place at this intersection.  Hooray!

The time line for the new stop light to become operational at the intersection of Croson Lane and Belmont Ridge Road is set for December fifteenth - a mere five days from today!  W00t. Another impossible left turn down.

I am grateful these projects are coming to completion but also wondering why they took so long especially with the amount of unnecessary car accidents at both of the intersections.  

The new stop lights will significantly decrease the cut through traffic from Croson Lane through both the Lakes at Belle Terra and Oark at Belle Terra out to Ryan Road.  Now cars can simply go and make a left on to Belmont Ridge from Croson at the light.  This is a great day for Ashburn!

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